Can I Get Sent To Jail For A First-Offense DUI In New Jersey?

dui offender in jail

Getting charged with a DUI in New Jersey has the potential to affect your life permanently. Thousands of drunk driving accidents occur every year in our state. Due to the seriousness of this offense, our courts tend to take DUI charges pretty seriously, and you could face various serious penalties. If you’re a New Jersey driver who’s just been charged with a first-offense DUI, you might wonder if you risk jail time as a punishment. No need to panic because our effective law firm has the answers and guidance you need! Read this blog to learn more about penalties for DUI charges or reach out to a Bergen County, New Jersey DUI Lawyer today for individual legal counseling.


Yes. First-time DUI offenders risk the possibility of jail time, but incarceration is not mandatory as a penalty for driving while intoxicated. Mostly this is because a first DUI is usually considered a traffic violation and not a criminal charge. The maximum penalty for a first-offense DUI is 2 days in jail.


The penalties you’re given after a DUI arrest depend on the circumstances of the incident and your criminal history. First-time offenders who had a blood alcohol content (BAC) of less than 0.10% and didn’t cause an accident that injured others have the highest chance of avoiding severe punishments.

In general, though, first-time offenders will usually need to pay fines, lose their driving privileges for three months, use an ignition interlock device (IID) for three months after that, and participate in a drunk driving education center. In serious cases, first-time offenders might be given up to 30 days of incarceration.

If a driver has a higher BAC at the time they’re arrested for a DUI, they could be given heavier fines and a longer license suspension. Drivers discovered with a BAC of 0.10% or higher will lose their license for seven months or even a year.

You’ll likely be given additional charges if you caused an accident while drunk driving, especially if you injured another person. You could also face a personal injury lawsuit. In the event that you drive while intoxicated and crash into someone, you could be given jail time for your other charges. It’s always important to hire an attorney immediately after any DUI arrest so they can help you reduce or dismiss your charges.

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