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Mr. Cannarozzi is a superb advocate! Greg and his entire staff are very caring and hard working. I suffered a very complicated catastrophic personal injury-economic loss case in which Greg used various strategies which culminated in settlement of 7 figures, less than a month before the trial commenced. I highly recommend Mr. Cannarozzi to all. Greg is a detail oriented and disciplined attorney who kept me informed every step of the way. His trial strategies combined with his mastery of all aspects of personal injuries, including my economic losses and No-Fault benefits is unsurpassable. Therefore, I am happy to highly recommend Greg to anyone who is in need of outstanding legal representation and counsel. A++

- Ilene E.

Greg was amazing. He has been a huge help for me and my future. He is very kind and respectful. He will take his time to explain things if you do not understand. He has made me feel very comfortable through the process.

- Satomi M.

Greg Cannarozzi is someone you can trust. He will always be straightforward with you and let you know the pros and cons of each of your options. Included in his thoroughness is a genuine desire to make sure you are taken care of in the end. I highly recommend his representation. :)

- Nicole C.

My experience was terrific. Mr. Cannarozzi and his office staff were very efficient in gathering the necessary documents in a timely manner. I was treated with great care and attention. My case ended in a successful outcome. I would definitely recommend hiring Mr. Cannarozzi and his staff to represent you in court.

- Mark C.

Greg and his team were absolutely amazing when helping me with my legal issues. Greg shows tremendous professionalism and will go above and beyond for his clients! He was an enormous help when I got terribly injured in a car accident and did not know where to turn! I don’t know what I would have done without his guidance. Highly recommend to anyone seeking legal advice!

- Kimberlee M.

Greg did an awesome job with my case. He kept me up to date with everything. I was in shock with this miracle he did for me in a tough situation. From the beginning, he showed care in helping me through this. I would recommend him to anybody who is looking for a caring lawyer that makes miracles come alive!! Idk what would have happened without him. Along his side, I need to also thank his secretary for assisting me as well. They were a wonderfulteam. Thankyou and godbless, Happy holidays!

- Jessica D.

Mr. Gregory Cannarozzi has given me the BEST experience within his practice of law. I am greatly appreciated with all he has done for me, as well as my family. Gregory is the man to go to, whether good or bad! I will always be grateful to have him on my side. Very understanding, most kindest human being I have encountered as well as he WILL fight for you till the end no matter what situation. Highly recommend him!

- Rachel M.

After a nightmare in 2020 and having wedding planning that turned into a disaster. Gregory fought for myself and my wife and for the best possible settlement we could think of. I do not want to get into too much detail about the back and forths but i will says Gregory and his team turned our wedding experience completely around with their diligence, knowledge and most importantly communication. Thank You Greg, Tom & Teri. We appreciate you.

- Alban M.

Amazing person and an even better attorney. Mr. Cannarozzi is your guy if you're ever in need of legal representation. He is very attentive, and ensures his clients satisfaction. Gregory is extremely knowledgable and basically guarantees the best possible outcome for any situation.

- Jordy D.

Greg Cannarozzi is an exceptional lawyer that helped with a work injury i had years ago and just recently a case i got into some trouble with the law. He walked me thru everything step by step kept me confident of a great outcome but also the worst case scenario so i wouldn't be surprised in court. Greg is very easy to speak to doesn't beat around the bush and knows the practice as well as anyone. I highly recommend anyone to Greg if there in the least bit of trouble or whatever the situation may be. Thanks Greg !

- Collin K.

Mr. Cannarozzi knows what hes doing! He was always available to discuss my case. He also notified me when there was updates about my case via email and phone. His rates are definitely reasonable! I recommend obtaining Mr. Cannarozzi for your legal needs. I am a NY resident and he was able to take care of my case in NJ. I am very happy with the outcome of my case!

- Justin G.

Greg has been my family's attorney for over 20 years. He truly cares about his clients and displays this through his frequent transparent communication and dedication to effectively resolving legal matters. Greg's in depth knowledge of the law and creative solutions for resolving legal matters are what makes his services a winning formula. I highly recommend Greg Cannarozzi for professional legal guidance.

- Doug C.

Greg got me out of a situation I thought I would never get out of. He got me the best possible outcome in little time. This guy is a magician and he’s the best way to go for the best price. Thanks Greg!

- Xavior R.

Gregory Cannarozzi is a phenomenal attorney. I was issued with two tickets, one for Underage Possession of an alcoholic beverage in a motor vehicle and the other was for Underage consumption. I am an aspiring law student and if these charges were to go on my record, it would have negatively affected my applications to law school greatly. Greg took great care regarding my case. It was adjourned THREE times, and the date for the fourth adjournment, I would have been out of the country for family matters. Greg personally called the courthouse and asked for me to come in before I leave. He took careful details of my case and after speaking to the prosecutor, BOTH chargers were dismissed with ZERO court fees! I was extremely elated by the news. Greg it not only a phenomenal lawyer, but he also has a great personality and is easy to talk to. I would definitely recommend anyone to hire his as their attorney! FIVE STARS!!

- Bao M.

Mr. Greg is knowledgeable and experienced, you cannot go wrong with him! He keeps you updated and makes you feel prioritized to lessen your anxiety about whatever the case may be. Makes you feel as if you’re working together and not just someone working on your case. Timely, well organized, and very responsive, what more can you ask for from a lawyer! Thank you for your hard work, Mr. Greg & Teri!

- Minjoung K.

Greg is an excellent attorney. He is intelligent, thorough, professional, respected among his peers, and most importantly, kind-hearted. He will work diligently in your best interest. He also has ties to several lawyers that specialize in various area of law and he has no reservations in recommending those specialists if need be. He returns calls in a timely fashion and will provide support with follow up questions regarding your cases, or simply giving helpful advice that is unbiased and in your best interest.

- Brenda R.

I would highly recommend Mr. Greg Cannarozzi to anybody that is in any legal troubles. With Greg's knowledge and experience of over 20+ years in the business, he provides ease for his clients ensuring that they are in great hands. His professionalism and attention to all of the details in my report helped the outcome of my case that much more and I thank him for his hard work and efforts during my time with him. Whether it's a speeding ticket or a drug and/or alcohol related crime, Greg Cannarozzi is the best lawyer to have on your side.

- Karen C.

Mr. Cannorozzi recently helped me resolve a traffic case at court with zero points and a very minimal fine. Greg was very professional and provided expert counsel throughout the process. Greg and his office did an outstanding job in promptly responding to my calls/emails, being on time to court, and with the necessary documentation. Greg was caring, took the time to explain, and provided guidance all through. Very pleased with Greg and the results.

- Karthik S.

Greg Cannarozzi is an exceptional lawyer. He assisted me on so many levels that I cannot thank him enough. I was accused of multiple offenses including three (3) DWI charges as well as multiple charges of drug possession in four (4) different municipal courts. Throughout my representation, Greg identified my personal issues leading to the cause of my arrests. He assisted me in obtaining an appropriate level of intervention which lead me to the ability to address my addictions and ultimately enabled me to overcome them. Throughout the course of his representation, Greg kept me fully informed and assisted me in developing a workable legal strategy with ultimate success in all of my legal matters Greg and his staff were thorough, informative, and conscious on every level and I felt secure in knowing that I had retained an extremely competent professional who fought for my rights every step of the way. Greg was able to have two of my DWIs dismissed outright and coordinated the resolution of my drug charges in a diversionary program which I successfully completed. As I progressed in resolving my personal issues Greg successfully negotiated the final drug charge ultimately resolving it to a plea of a town ordinance violation only with a minimal fine. I cannot thank Greg enough for what he has done for me as a professional and in my life. Consequently, I highly recommend Greg to anyone in need of superlative legal representation at a reasonable cost. Needless to say, Greg will be my attorney for life.

- Pete P.

I would HIGHLY recommend Gregory Cannarozzi!! He is an AMAZING attorney. He was able to turn a potentially very bad situation into a very beneficial (to me) outcome. He was responsive to my questions and his staff was extremely helpful and prompt in attending to my case.

- Howard H.

Mr.Cannarozzi and his Paralegal Teri are both very professional, yet very easy to talk to at the same time. Not only do they take care of your legal issues, but they are very personable. They always make sure to keep you updated and unstressed. Would highly recommend Mr.Cannarozzi to anybody with legal issues.

- Raymond C.

Greg Cannarozzi is an extremely efficient attorney. I had received two Motor Vehicle Tickets that could have seriously affected my insurance and professional career. However, with the aid of Greg, I was able to take down the charges. Greg was always on top of everything and I was not worried about my case at all. I highly recommend hiring Greg as your attorney!

- Bay N.

I was nervous and scared about the tickets and points I was going to get from getting pulled over and Greg helped me get no points and just a fine. He is great, and shouldn’t think twice about having him take care of your case.

- Jebby L.

Great lawyer from the area who knows his stuff and was able to help me and some friends who had a neighbor who was very difficult to deal with.

- Jake Z.

Greg and his team are very detailed, caring, and professional. They only want the very best for their clients. They took care of absolutely everything, so I didn't have to stress. My experience in court went flawlessly with Greg representing me. I would definitely keep him as my attorney, and would highly recommend him to friends and family.

- Adam H.

My experience with Mr. Cannarozzi and his office staff was amazing, very efficient and responsive. Me and my husband were treated with great respect and attention. Our case ended in a complete successful even better that we hoped for (he got my husbands case dismissed). I would definitely recommend hiring Mr. Cannarozzi without a doubt to all my friends and family.

- Mariela R.

Greg and his team of experts are 100 percent amazing and know what they are doing. I am proud to call Greg and Tom my personal attorneys who have my back 100 percent... If you're looking for great legal representation I highly recommend Greg and his team!

- Thomas B.

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