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The state of New Jersey takes crimes related to theft very seriously. A theft charge can cover a number of crimes, including theft of property, services, fraud, and more. Determining the penalties that a person convicted of a theft charge will face is based heavily on the value of the stolen property. Of course, the greater the value of the stolen property, the greater the consequences. If convicted of a theft crime, you could be subject to a criminal record and may find it difficult to obtain the jobs, housing, and loans you want down the road. Retaining the services of an experienced attorney can make a huge difference in the outcome of your case. If you have been charged with theft in New Jersey, contact a seasoned Bergen County theft lawyer today from the Law Office of E. Gregory M. Cannarozzi today.

Theft Lawyer | Fighting for Clients in New Jersey

The Law Office of E. Gregory M. Cannarozzi is an effective criminal defense team. Our Bergen County, New Jersey criminal defense lawyer has the experience and skill necessary to explore all defenses in your case and fight for your rights in court.

Theft Consequences in New Jersey

If charged with theft in New Jersey, the consequences can be catastrophic to your future. Even a simple shoplifting charge can mean overwhelming repercussions. When so much is at stake, it is important to contact an experienced criminal defense attorney. The penalties associated with theft crimes in New Jersey are as follows:

  • Disorderly persons offenses can be issued if the value of the stolen property is less than $200.
  • Fourth-degree theft charges are for theft of property valued between $200 and $500. If convicted, you may face up to 18 months in jail.
  • Third-degree theft charges are for theft of property valued between $500 and $75,000, theft of a firearm, vehicle, or controlled substance less than a kilogram, or a blank prescription pad, among others. If convicted, you may face up to 5 years of imprisonment.
  • Second-degree theft charges are reserved for property valued greater than $75,000, extortion, theft of a controlled substance greater than a kilogram, or human remains. If convicted of a second-degree crime, you may face up to 10 years in jail.

Upgraded Theft Offenses

Theft charges are very serious and require the defense of an experienced attorney. If a weapon was involved in the theft, a crime can be upgraded to armed robbery. This can increase penalties tremendously. In addition, if the weapon used in an armed robbery was stolen, you could face even greater consequences. You may be facing years in prison and be subject to the No Early Release Act, requiring you to serve at least 85% of your sentence before you can be considered eligible for parole.

Contact a Theft Lawyer Today

Theft charges are a serious matter. Depending on the facts of the offense, your life and livelihood could be at stake. When facing such serious matters, it is important to have quality criminal defense on hand. If you are arrested, even for shoplifting, you need an effective law firm ready to step in, assess your case, and passionately fight for your future. Contact a theft lawyer from the Law Office of E. Gregory M. Cannarozzi today.

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