What Should I Know About The Pre-Indictment Court In New Jersey?

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In most states, there are two main types of crimes: misdemeanors and felonies. Technically there are no “felonies” in New Jersey, but the equivalent in our state are indictable offenses. These are sometimes referred to as Superior Court offenses, and they’re the most severe type of crime in New Jersey. If you’ve been charged with this type of crime, you may receive a notice to appear in pre-indictment court. If you don’t know much about this, no need to worry because our knowledgeable law firm is here to help! Continue reading this blog to learn more about this topic, or reach out to a Bergen County, New Jersey Criminal Defense Lawyer today who can provide specialized legal counseling.


If you’re charged with any degree of an indictable offense in New Jersey, there’s a good chance that the lead prosecutor of your case will present it to a grand jury. As a defendant, neither you nor your defense team can attend the grand jury hearing. This is usually less than ideal, especially because grand jury hearings tend to be quite one-sided; although there are some cases where the defendant is allowed to testify at this trial.

The pre-indictment court is essentially an early disposition conference opportunity for the defendant to possibly lessen or even drop some of their charges before the grand jury trial. This is most common for defendants who are facing a long list of hefty charges. Presenting your case in this court is a helpful tool for defendants because they can possibly face a lesser sentence if given the opportunity to reduce/drop some charges.


An indictable offense can only be sent to the pre-indictment court once the case has been thoroughly examined by the prosecutor. Most of the time, the prosecutor will offer a plea deal based on various factors such as the defendant’s criminal record, evidence from the case, and the mandatory sentencing for the charges. The defendant can either accept the plea deal which means they are admitting guilt and accepting the sentence, or they can reject the deal and defend themselves in the Superior Court trial.

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