What Is the Role of the Prosecutor in My Case?

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The prosecutor has a rather well-defined role when you are on trial for criminal charges. They have set out to build a case that is convincing enough to make the jury find you guilty. They have a lot of resources at their disposal and they are sure to receive plenty of help as they pursue this goal. That is exactly why you should consider hiring an experienced Bergen County, New Jersey defense lawyer from our firm.

What Can a Prosecutor Do During My Case?

Your prosecutor can do a lot to investigate your case and follow up on some of what the police have already done. Do not be surprised to see a prosecutor:

  • Run their own sting operations
  • Ask for search warrants that can be used to obtain more evidence against you
  • Surveil suspects and other people related to a crime
  • Interview suspects or witnesses

They can also negotiate plea deals with defendants. In cases like these, a defendant will plead guilty to a lesser charge and receive a less severe sentence than they might have received if they had gone through with a jury trial.

What is the Primary Goal of the Prosecutor?

More than anything, the role of the prosecutor is to prove to the jury that you are guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. This is a tough threshold to meet. It means that the jury has to see the prosecution’s case and think that it would be unreasonable to doubt that things happened the way the prosecutor said.

Who Does the Prosecutor Serve?

A prosecutor is not in business for themselves, and they have some high standards to meet as a result. The prosecutor is supposed to serve the government and its people. They are not supposed to file charges frivolously in a bid to boost the number of guilty verdicts they receive.

They must act ethically and they are only supposed to charge someone when they think it will be possible to prove wrongdoing. Their priority should also be creating a more just system for everyone, not just those defendants who can afford a high-power attorney,

How Can My Lawyer Assist Me?

Your prosecutor wants to prove you guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, so your defense attorney’s main job is to create reasonable doubt in the head of the jury. The prosecution will play their role, but your lawyer can poke holes in every theory that they present. They can also question the credibility of witnesses or evidence, and they can produce witnesses and evidence of their own.

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