What causes auto accidents?

There are many different types of vehicles on roads in New Jersey every day. There are people driving their personal vehicles to go to work, to go shopping, to see friends and family and for many other reasons. There are also people who drive for work. People drive delivery trucks, semi-trucks, ridesharing vehicles, taxi cabs and for other types of jobs as well. As a result, there are many vehicles on the roads every day.

With there being so many vehicles on the roads each day, it is important that the drivers drive carefully and obey the traffic laws. When people do not do this, they can cause motor vehicle accidents. There are many reasons these accidents occur, but some causes are more common than others.

Common causes

Some of the most common causes for accidents are:

  • Distracted driving – this includes using people’s phones, eating, grooming and other activities that take people’s eyes off of the road.
  • Drunk/drugged driving.
  • Speeding – this includes driving too fast for certain weather conditions like rain or snow.
  • Aggressive driving – this can include driving much faster than the speed limit, changing lanes too close to other drivers, tailgating, running red lights, cutting across multiple lanes and other types of dangerous driving.
  • Defects with the car – mechanical breakdowns, brake failures, flat tires and other problems.
  • Objects in road – this could be potholes, animals crossing the road, construction zones.
  • Inexperience – teenage drivers and other inexperienced drivers can cause accidents.

There are many car accidents each year in New Jersey. These accidents vary in severity, but some can result with serious injuries to the drivers and passengers. These can be very costly for the victims as they may require significant medical treatment and could also lose income if they are unable to work. The victims may be able to receive compensation for their financial damages resulting from the accident from the other driver. Experienced attorneys understand the importance of the compensation and may be a useful resource.


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