What Are the Penalties for Healthcare Fraud in New Jersey?

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Healthcare fraud is taken seriously in New Jersey, so you can expect severe penalties if convicted. This is true even for those defendants that have a clean record and no history of wrongdoing. If you are looking at healthcare fraud charges, you need to understand what you are up against and make sure that you are doing your best to fight back. That means hiring a Bergen County, New Jersey theft lawyer and getting ready to form the most effective possible defense.

How You Can Be Punished for Healthcare Fraud in New Jersey?

Fines are the most common punishment for healthcare fraud in New Jersey. However, unlike in some other criminal cases, we would not consider the fines in the typical healthcare fraud case to be a mere slap on the wrist. In cases like these, defendants could be forced to pay out five times the amount they allegedly earned or sought to earn from the fraud. So if you are accused of stealing or trying to steal $20,000, you could be made to pay out $100,000!

If you are a medical professional with a license, you could also face professional consequences. The state licensing board in charge of your field can evaluate your case and punish you by suspending or revoking your license. This can be ruinous for anyone with a growing career in the medical sector.

Finally, jail time can also be on the table in healthcare fraud cases. Some fraud convictions can result in prison sentences of up to three to five years.

What Can Be Considered Healthcare Fraud?

Any of the following actions can result in healthcare fraud charges:

  • A medical professional double billing an insurance company for services rendered
  • Someone billing an insurer for services that were never performed
  • An applicant for benefits or insurance lying on official forms
  • Someone impersonating someone else to use their health insurance
  • The performance of unnecessary tests and scans

Any of these actions can catch the attention of a private insurance company or the federal government.

What Can a Lawyer Do For Me?

If you are facing healthcare fraud charges, we suggest hiring an experienced criminal defense lawyer. An attorney from our firm can help you in a variety of ways. They can:

  • Prepare you for testimony
  • Prepare character witnesses to testify on your behalf
  • Handle all communications for you
  • Help you plead to lesser charges if necessary
  • Answer your questions about the legal process

They can also help you settle upon the best defensive strategy and do their best to show how any fraud was not committed with malice or knowledge.

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