Tips for minimizing slips, trips and falls

If you slip, trip or fall while at work, New Jersey law may allow you to obtain compensation for medical bills and lost wages. However, there are steps that you can take to stay upright and minimize the risk of getting hurt.

Pay attention to your surroundings

Listening to music, looking at your phone or thinking about what you’re going to have for lunch can increase your risk of getting hurt. This is because you may fail to notice a wet floor sign or the fact that a carpet is bunched up in the middle. You may also be at a greater risk of missing a step or taking other actions that might result in tripping or falling. In a personal injury claim, taking actions that led to your injuries may reduce the size of a financial award.

Keep work areas organized

Ideally, wires, cords and similar objects will be kept bundled and out of the way of areas that get heavy foot traffic. You should also make sure that cans. power tools or other objects that you might encounter while on the job are kept where you won’t collide with or trip over them. If you work with liquids, be sure to keep them in containers that have sealed lids on them. Doing so can prevent water, coffee or hazardous chemicals from spilling out and making floors or stairs slippery.

If you are hurt, you should file an accident report as quickly as possible. You should also seek treatment within 24 hours. Doing so will help create a paper trail that may create a stronger link between events at work and your injuries.

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