Does New Jersey offer hardship or conditional driver’s licenses to those convicted of DUI?

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If you operate a vehicle with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of 0.08% or greater, you will be charged with driving while under the influence (DUI). DUIs carry significant penalties. One of the more serious penalties is the loss of your driving privileges. Losing your driving privileges can interfere with your responsibilities and ability to earn a living. In New Jersey, if this is your first DUI offense, you will automatically be subject to a 3-month license suspension. However, if the court finds any aggravating factors warrant additional penalties, they could suspend your license for longer. Those convicted of DUI often wonder whether the court offers conditional driver’s licenses that would allow them to drive under limited circumstances. Please continue reading to learn how you can get your driver’s license back after a DUI and how a determined Bergen County, New Jersey DUI Lawyer can help you today. 

How do I get my driver’s license back after a DUI in New Jersey?

Some states allow those convicted of alcohol-related offenses such as a DUI to obtain a hardship or conditional driver’s license. Essentially, the court allows those eligible to have restricted driving privileges. However, New Jersey does not offer those convicted of DUI the ability to obtain a conditional driver’s license. Rather, if you are convicted of DUI in New Jersey, you will have to wait until the period of your license suspension or revocation is over to get your driving privileges back. It is important to note that your driver’s license is not automatically reinstated once the period of your suspension or revocation is over. Instead, you have to apply to the DMV for a new driver’s license. In addition, you are required to pay a $100 reinstatement fee. If you fail to apply and pay the necessary fees for reinstating your driver’s license, you will not be able to legally operate a vehicle. If you are caught driving with a suspended or revoked license, you will be subject to additional penalties. This includes an extra 1 to 2 years of license suspension or revocation.

Furthermore, as New Jersey does not offer conditional driver’s licenses to those convicted of DUI, it is imperative to retain the legal services of an experienced Bergen County, New Jersey DUI lawyer. With years of experience, a qualified lawyer can assess the charges against you to determine the most appropriate course of action. It is important to have a skilled lawyer fight on your behalf to seek dismissed or reduced charges to protect your driving privileges.

In the unfortunate event that you are charged with DUI, please don’t hesitate to reach out to one of our dedicated and trusted team members. Our firm is committed to helping our clients protect their driving privileges.


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