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When To Seek A Lawyer After A Dog Bite

Not every nip requires medical attention or the representation of an attorney. However, many dog bites, attacks and maulings are serious, especially when they happen to children.

Dog bites in New Jersey per statute constitute a strict liability claim. It requires a special legal understanding of how to present and coordinate both the medical procedures and portrayal of the victim’s injuries. This must be done in order to maintain maximum recovery. Mr. Cannarozzi has been successful in obtaining maximum compensation for his clients for over 30 years.

Dog Bite Injuries That May Require Representation

Just because a dog is small does not mean it will not or cannot cause injury. A small or medium-sized dog can injure a person significantly. Any time a person suffers a puncture wound, cut, or damage to muscles, tendons, or injury to the hand or face, it is wise to consult an attorney. Common injuries that may require legal representation include:

  • Facial injuries and disfigurement
  • Eye injuries and vision impairment
  • Puncture wounds
  • Muscle, tendon and nerve damage
  • Broken bones or torn cartilage, most often in the hand or face (including nose and ear)

Because of the “puncture wound” nature of a bite and the potential bacterial contamination, any dog bite injury can be quite serious and potentially cause nerve damage or infection. Additionally, the animal will need to be assessed to ensure it is current in its rabies vaccinations.

Dog bite injuries can be permanent and disfiguring. Facial reconstruction can require several surgeries at significant cost. An attorney skilled in personal injury will understand the potential costs and know what amount of compensation is requisite. With decades of personal injury experience, the list of results and significant compensation Mr. Cannarozzi has attained for his clients is evident.

Consult An Attorney With Proven Acumen In Injury And Dog Bite Cases

Attorney Cannarozzi is a skilled and proven injury attorney. He has recovered over $5 million in noneconomic damages (pain and suffering) alone for his clients over the course of his legal career. After a serious dog bite, contact him for a free case analysis. Call 201-261-6444 or initiate contact via the website contact email.