Will My DUI Case Go to Trial?

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Not every DUI case goes to trial, but sometimes going to trial is a necessity if you want to fight this charge and clear your name. If you are convinced that you have been charged with a DUI in error, then you need to secure the assistance of an experienced Bergen County, New Jersey DUI lawyer. We can help you form an affirmative defense and avoid the tough punishments associated with DUIs, and we will take your case to trial if need be.

Will My DUI Case Go in Front of a Jury?

One thing that you should know is that DUI cases are not heard in front of juries in the state of New Jersey. If a DUI case cannot be settled and needs to go to court, the accused will be put in front of a municipal judge.

At that point, the state makes its case and you can form your own defense. Having an attorney on your side for this part is helpful. Once the judge hears all of the evidence, they can decide whether or not the defendant should face punishment.

What Are the Consequences of a DUI?

The stakes are high in a DUI case because the punishments can be quite severe. This is true even for a first offense and a DUI where the driver’s blood alcohol content, or BAC, is just over the legal limit. Penalties can include:

  • Fines of up to $400
  • The loss of your license
  • The installation of an interlock ignition device in your car
  • Up to a month of jail time

And these are only the legal consequences. A DUI can also affect other areas of your life. There may be personal or professional repercussions for it, and your reputation can certainly be affected. That is why it is so important to defend yourself against these charges and take this all the way to trial if need be.

How Can I Defend Myself Against a DUI?

There are usually a few different ways to defend yourself from a DUI charge. Your lawyer can focus on:

The stop: If there was no probable cause to pull you over, that was a bad or unlawful stop. Showing that your stop was bad can result in key evidence against you being thrown out.

The breathalyzer: The tool used to measure your BAC needs to be in proper working order and well-calibrated. If this is not the case or the arresting officer uses the breathalyzer incorrectly, your results might not be admissible.

The officer: If your lawyer can show that the officer improperly conducted the field test, that can help your case.

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