How can a criminal record affect my life?

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Depending on the seriousness of the crime, being convicted of a crime can drastically affect multiple areas of a person’s life. Many people with criminal records wonder how their past can alter their future. If you have a past criminal charge that you’re not proud of, our Bergen County New Jersey Criminal Defense Lawyer is here to provide legal assistance. Read on to learn more about how exactly a criminal record affects a person’s life and how you can possibly have your record expunged.

Can a criminal record affect my job?

In short, yes. Depending on the crime and the job, you can get fired if you are found guilty of a crime. Having a criminal record can also deter you from getting a new job in the future. Many employers ask on their application if you have a history of crime and will perform a background check to confirm your criminal history. Acceptance into other organizations such as colleges or military academies may also require a background check.

What else can a criminal record affect?

With the combination of legal fees and possible fines for the crime, being charged with a crime can make a heavy dent in your finances. If you have children, there is a possibility that you could lose custody of your children or be subject to visits from a caseworker. A criminal record prevents you from adopting or gaining guardianship of a child. If you are convicted of drug possession or a DUI, you could lose your driver’s license or have it suspended. Non-US citizens can be denied a Green Card or Visa if convicted or even deported based on the severity of the crime.

Can I get an expungement in New Jersey?

An expungement is a complete erasure of a conviction from your criminal record. In the state of New Jersey, severe crimes such as sexual assault, robbery, murder, and others may never be expunged. Expungement is also possible when a law changes. Most of the time, you must wait a period of time to file for expungement, and you have a higher chance of getting your expungement approved the fewer the number of convictions you have. The most commonly expunged crimes are juvenile charges, dismissed charges, simple assault, traffic violations, shoplifting, DUIs, disorderly conduct, and more. It’s important to hire a lawyer as soon as you are charged with a crime if you’re seeking to drop the charges. For trusted advice in criminal law, contact the Law Office of E. Gregory Cannarozzi for legal guidance.

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