Allegedly drunk driver arrested after crash with three minors in the car

One of the surest ways of increasing the penalties for drunk driving is to drive while drunk with children in the car. Nassau County police recently arrested a 51-year-old man after he crashed into a concrete barrier with three teenage girls in the car.

The incident

According to the police report, the suspect was allegedly drunk when he steered into a concrete barrier while travelling on Route 135. He was transporting three teenage girls when he struck the barrier. When the car stopped, the three girls left the vehicle. The suspect then drove away. One of the girls called 911 to report the incident. The suspect was later arrested at his home. He was charged with endangering the welfare of a child and aggravated DWI.

Initial media reports of the arrest did not mention where the three teenagers entered the car or why they did so.

The suspect will soon face arraignment in state court and will be required to enter a plea. He is facing significant criminal penalties, including potential incarceration and imposition of a heavy fine. Presumably, he will be charged with multiple counts of child endangerment among other charges.

Under New Jersey law, a parent or guardian who is convicted of driving drunk with a person under 18 in the car can be convicted of being a disorderly person. They can have their driving privileges suspended for up to six months and be ordered to perform five days of community service, among other potential penalties.

The suspect in this case is facing serious criminal penalties if he is convicted. Anyone facing criminal charges may wish to consult an experienced criminal defense attorney for an analysis of the evidence, potential defenses and, where appropriate, assistance in negotiating an acceptable plea agreement.

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