Traffic Violations


Typically, a driver’s license will not be revoked for one or even two traffic tickets resulting from a moving violation such as speeding, running a stoplight or stop sign. However, if the offense is serious or if the driver has had previous convictions for moving violations in the past, his or her license may be revoked or suspended. If the driver is charged with reckless driving, or is involved in a hit-and-run, the defendant’s license may be suspended for a year or more. If the driver is charged with drunk driving for a BAC reading of less than .10 but higher than or equal to .08, there will be a mandatory suspension of three months; for a BAC reading that is .10 or higher, the mandatory suspension will be seven months and may be up to one year. For more information relating to Drivers License Revocation, visit Attorney Cannarozzi’s Frequently Asked Questions.


Driving with a suspended or revoked license in New Jersey is a quasi-crime which may result in heavy fines and may be subject to a term of imprisonment. The penalties are typically heaviest if the license suspension or revocation was the result of a conviction for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs (DUI/DWI).


It is a quasi-criminal offense (meaning that the charge may result in heavy fines and a possible term of imprisonment) to drive without automobile insurance in the State of New Jersey and the penalties for driving uninsured are getting more severe. In addition to risking economic loss by not having insurance protection, an offender risks fines, driver’s license suspension, automobile registration suspension and imprisonment. And a repeat offender can be subject to vehicle impoundment if caught behind the wheel without insurance coverage in the future. To learn more about Driving without Insurance charges, contact New Jersey traffic defense lawyer E. Gregory M. Cannarozzi.


New Jersey state law requires drivers involved in an vehicle accident where bodily injury or property damage occurs to stop immediately at the scene of the accident (or as close to the scene as possible without obstructing the flow of traffic) to wait for the arrival of law enforcement officers. In the State of New Jersey, if a driver leaves the scene of an accident where property damage occurs, s/he is subject to a $200 to $400 fine, 30 days imprisonment and a 6 months driver’s license suspension. If a driver leaves the scene of an accident where serious injury or death occurs, s/he are subject to a $500- $1000 fine, 180 days imprisonment and 1 year driver’s license suspension, in addition to other criminal charges that may be filed against them.


If a driver in the State of New Jersey receives too many points related to traffic violations, the Motor Vehicle Commission or “MVC” [formerly the Division of Motor Vehicles or “DMV”] will mail the driver a Scheduled Suspension Notice. There is no Public Defender or free attorney in MVC/DMV hearings. After you retain an attorney, he or she will usually serve a written “Opposition to Suspension AND REQUEST FOR HEARING.” At such time, traffic defense Attorney E. Gregory M. Cannarozzi will request a hearing on any proposed suspensions or other administrative actions.


“DUI” stands for Driving Under the Influence. If one is charged with DUI, an individual must be operating a motor vehicle and under the influence of a controlled substance, CDS. The presence of any CDS in one’s urine while operating a motor vehicle gives rise to a violation in New Jersey of DUI. “DWI” stands for Driving While Intoxicated by alcohol. DWI charges apply when someone is operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol and his or her Blood Alcohol Content is above the legal limit. In New Jersey, a DWI constitutes a motor vehicle offense and therefore probation and expungement are not available.

To learn more about Drunk Driving charges, contact New Jersey traffic defense lawyer E. Gregory M. Cannarozzi.

If you or someone you know in the New Jersey or New York Metropolis needs the assistance of an experienced traffic defense lawyer, contact Attorney E. Gregory M. Cannarozzi of the Law Office of E. Gregory M. Cannarozzi, Counsellor-at-Law, L.L.C., at (866) 784-2285 or via his convenient contact form to schedule a free consultation with an experienced New Jersey traffic defense lawyer.


Underage drinking/driving:

Underage drinking and driving is a serious offense which carries with it mandatory periods of suspension of driving privileges. Depending on the level of the breathalyzer reading, an underage drinker/driver may be sentenced as an adult.

Open container:

Driving a vehicle with an open container of alcohol is a serious offense which is usually associated with other traffic offenses. It is important to retain competent legal counsel to defend every aspect of this case.

Possession/use of drugs:

Depending on the kind of CDS in one’s possession, a defendant may or may not be entitled to Probation/Diversionary Program. If the possession is associated with driving under the influence (DUI), there is a mandatory suspension of driving privileges, unless an Undue Hardship can be established.

Driver’s permit violations:

Under the new guidelines, it is not possible for a permitted driver to obtain an unsafe operation plea. It requires competent counsel to maneuver around the fines and possible suspension of driver’s privileges.

Assault and battery:

Often times in municipal court, Assault and Battery cases can be resolved through court-ordered mediation. Besides being an attorney advocate, I am also accredited professional mediator and have resolved many Assault and Battery cases without a trial.

Public lewdness:

Public Lewdness is an offense which is fact-sensitive. It requires competent counsel and litigation experience which my law office has provided to many clients over the last 24 years.

Possession of marijuana/drugs in motor vehicle:

Akin to possession/use of drugs is Possession of marijuana or other CDS in a motor vehicle. Under New Jersey Traffic Law, a defendant driver is exposed losing his driving privileges for two years. It requires competent counsel to resolve this kind of offense when dealing with possession of marijuana/possession of CDS in a motor vehicle.

Possession of weapons:

This is a serious offense which most often remains in Superior Court as an indictable offense. My law firm has extensive experience in representing defendants with weapons possession charges.

Neighborhood disputes:

Often there are civil complaints filed by individuals who may or may not be represented by the prosecutor in a given municipality. As an experienced defense attorney as well as accredited mediator, these disputes should be resolved without the ordeal of a trial.

Bad checks:

Issuing or presenting bad checks is a serious offense which requires an experienced attorney with superior negotiation skills in order to resolve the matter against a defendant. My law firm has represented many individuals in this type of situation with satisfactory results.


Shoplifting is a very serious offense in the state of New Jersey. There is a wide range of penalties which a defendant may face. My law firm has been successful in preventing defendants from mandatory jail time with previous shoplifting offenses.

Theft of services:

Theft of Services is an aspect of fraud and requires competent litigation experience from defense counsel which my law firm has provided to many clients over the years.

Boat operation violations:

In accordance to recent amendments to the DWI laws in New Jersey, boat operation violations are now included under our laws and it requires experienced defense counsel to resolve these charges.

Passing a school bus:

Passing a School Bus is a very serious violation under our New Jersey Statutes and is extremely fact-sensitive and technical. Defending this kind of case requires experienced litigation skills which I have provided to many clients for over 24 years.