Personal Injury

Personal Injuries

Perfecting a claim for personal injuries, be it products liability, dog bite, auto, slip and fall, etc. requires a high level of competence and trial skills. In order to obtain the maximum monetary damages in a given case, preparation of pre-trial discovery and experience in every aspect of litigation, including theories of liability, preparation of medical experts and witnesses, and negotiation and trial strategies play an essential role in the process. Often, there is a companion- personal injury protection (PIP), workers comp and possibly municipal court action- associated with the client’s personal injury claim. Expertise in all of these disciplines results in proper compensation for an injured client. Representation of Having numerous medical providers and doctors in no-fault arbitrations, as well as service as an arbitrator, in both binding and non binding arbitration court annexed programs, have provided me with the expertise required to navigate through the morass of our complex New Jersey civil litigation process. My firm is dedicated to providing ethical, professional, and aggressive representation in all personal injury matters as well as assistance in coordination of payment of medical benefits in any given companion no-fault arbitration claim.